The steps we need to follow in the recruitment process

The way that recruitment takes place has a major impact on how the teams will look, the degree of retention of employees and, why not, on their productivity. Thus, if the details regarding a new position are well pointed out and if the employer’s needs are properly evaluated, the selection will go by the book and the future employees will be the most suitable.

First, it is necessary to identify vacancies, evaluate the needs in terms of staff and to realize the extent to which their coverage would help to fulfill business objectives. When you conclude that opening a new position is required, it is important to establish what abilities would be necessary for a team or a department and what impact should have the newcomer in the team.

Establishing premises

Therefore, we must first determine whether we are talking about occupying a position that was left vacant following the departure from the company of an employee or him being promoted to another job, or if we are talking about a newly opened position, due to the emergence new activities. Regardless of which of the two situations we are talking about, it is important that the HR department, along with the team leader and manager to discuss a possible evaluation of the duties that the job entails.

After this step has been reached, it is essential to outline the job description. This is useful for the questions that will be addressed to the candidates during the interviews, for their evaluation and selection. In addition, promoting a position that has a very clear job description drawn up increases the chances of finding suitable candidates to fill it in a much shorter time than a standard ad, which includes only a brief description.

Recruiting goals

Also, identifying the objectives aimed at the employment for a position is an important step in the recruitment process. This stage should include determining the type of contract that the future employee will have. Thus, if the objectives of this position include the temporary replacement of a person who is on maternity leave or to cover a larger volume of work in an area with high seasonality, the contract should be one for a determined period.

All these steps must be followed by the development of a plan for promoting the position, choosing the channels through which this will be done, and the date until applications are accepted. If necessary, you can also consider the use of alternative methods of searching for candidates, such as identifying them through social networks and professional networks. Finally, you have to develop a plan for conducting the interviews, the deadline by which you must employ a person for a certain position and if the recruitment process can be extended.

Do not forget that the smooth running of the whole organization depends on recruitment processes. The organization is based on people, functions, departments and hierarchies, and the right choice of the hired persons underlies its functioning.


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