Team Spirit at Work – How to Encourage Collaboration Between Employees

Creating a pleasant work environment is not something that can happen overnight but is the result of the organization’s leadership efforts to grow strong values among employees. An individual can not work isolated in a company, and each employee will need the help of a colleague, regardless of his activity. It is necessary that all employees, whether it’s managers or early career professionals, feel that they belong to a team, be integrated and have a good cooperation with those with whom they work. So, cultivating team spirit and building long-lasting relationships between colleagues must be a priority for every organization.

The way work is conducted at a group level depends on the organizational culture so that companies which promote values such as honesty, open communication, and interaction are more likely to foster a strong team spirit. Additionally, do not forget that the power of example weighs a lot and values must be propagated like a pyramid, from leaders to employees. In their turn, they need to fit the organizational culture and have a personality that allows them to adapt to working in a group unit. Not all the people work comfortably inside a team and employees with a negative attitude can flatten colleagues work.

Honest Communication and a Relaxed Atmosphere

A good way of developing an efficient teamwork is to offer appreciation to those employees who perform, who have a proactive attitude and contribute to the growth of all the group. This practice must be accompanied by encouraging similar attitudes among other employees so that they can come together and help to strengthen team spirit. It is also good for employees to be involved in decisions that have an impact on the team and make them not only spectators but also participants in this process. Thus, when making changes, team members can be encouraged to take the initiative and come up with a list of ideas and suggestions for the decisions to be made.

In the context of a difficult-to-achieve balance between personal and professional life, a stressful working environment could be even more divisive, causing employees not to think about the common good, but only to improve their situation. The unity and mood could suffer when team members feel trapped in front of a computer screen and overwhelmed by a too high workload. At the opposite end, a relaxed atmosphere, an environment that allows the jokes or telling funny things will help employees feel good at work, come with pleasure at the office and collaborate with their colleagues to provide the best results.

Going Out With the Team and Conflict Resolution

It is said that the best relationships between coworkers binds outside regular working hours. However, the organization must have itself a contribution to this, to encourage and support teams going out, organize team building, parties, celebrate national and international holidays, or promote volunteering. Going out as a team will help employees exit the work atmosphere, relax and open themselves in from of their coworkers and to get to know each other better. This way, collaboration in the workplace will be easier between those who had the opportunity to interact and in a more informal context, leaving aside discussions related to everyday work.

Last but not least, when conflicts arise, it is not recommended to allow them to amplify, but to be resolved as quickly as possible and to try mediation, so that none of the parties involve would lose. Frequently, one of the team leaders needs to intervene to mediate a conflict, whether it is a dispute between two people or between two groups from the same team. Finally, if an employee does not match the team to which he belongs and fails to cooperate with the other members, the most efficient measure is to replace him with another person and to try to integrate him into a more compatible team.