Performance in human resources: What are the practices to which we must adhere

HR practices and activities must be in a close connection one to each other. On one hand, HR activities involve guidelines established through HR practices. For example, the practice ensuring employees training sessions is closely linked to activities which include providing information about this kind of professional development programs.

HR activities include, among other things, organizing assessments regarding competitiveness in order to guarantee a good employee evaluation system. Also, in the sphere of HR activities and processes, we can include hiring or firing employees, and administrating the benefits provided to them.

Efficient practices for human resources

On the other hand, HR practices are based on strategic actions that have to be compatible with the business plan of the entire organization. HR practices involve formulating methods for measuring and analyzing the effects on employees and the working environment. An example for this would be the development of a program to reduce work injuries or to design rules to comply with working schedule.

Interacting with the HR department can help many future employees to develop a first impression about the organization. This is why the HR departments should give their best to be efficient and organized with newcomers. The HR team should not only guarantee them a warm welcome but also, they should take care to provide candidates constant feedback in various stages of the recruitment process.

Integrating employees in an organization

And since we remembered about new workers, it’s good to remember that they might have no idea about what expectations the employer has from them. What seems easy to deduce from the inside might be unknown for an employee unfamiliar with the organizational culture. Thus, it would be good to have access from the beginning to manuals, documentation, job descriptions, instructions for writing the emails, and the assessment criteria that applies inside the organization.

Obtaining a high-performance level involves setting goals and defining expectations. These things must be clearly presented to each employee, and if there are problems, it is necessary to plan study and training programs to improve professional performance and an easier integration for them.

Money is not always the primary motivation factor for employees, which is why it is necessary to set out ways in which they will be attracted to the work they undertake. This is very important, given the fact that we have to keep in mind that performance is based on employee motivation and that without implementing performant HR practices, the retention of people in a company proves to be a difficult task.


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