On The Matter Of Candidates Who Need Career Guidance

The experience of over two decades that we have in recruitment has shown us that this field is one that is built on the cooperation between candidates and the recruiters. When one of the two parties is not convinced of what they want, the results will not be the best.

A rather relevant example in this respect is the one of candidates who want to change their job or field of activity, but do not have a clear vision of what they want and the path they want to take.

"It happens to me more and more often to talk to people who want to change their job and look for help. Until now, nothing is wrong, it is appreciated that they realize that they no longer want to stay somewhere and they start looking for the suitable one. The problem arises when I ask them, ‚Where would you like to go/work?’.

The most common answer is (paraphrased): ‚I do not know, somewhere that would fit me or somewhere you have open projects.’ At this point, you lose much of the help you can get from the recruiting company. We are not just looking for candidates, we are also looking for suitable companies for people who send us a resume," Marius Ioan, Business Development at BIA HR, said.

Lack of landmarks leads to stagnation

Furthermore, he stated that candidates’ lack of vision when it comes to their careers could be compared to the situation where an employer would not provide recruiters the information about the profile of the people they are looking for and the experience and skills they are seeking.

"After all, this is the ultimate goal of a recruiting company, to act in two ways. We have bigger chances when acting proactively and targeting one of the desired companies than waiting for weeks or months until something is right. It’s like a company would like a candidate but does not tell us absolutely anything about the profile you’re looking for; what chances do we have to find him?

It’s at least strange to see candidates not even knowing the field they want to head to or the names of their favorite companies. Moreover, it is a clear proof of the lack of vision of those people, found even on seniors. If you know you want to leave but you do not know where you want to go, it does not mean that you are motivated, but desperate," Marius Ioan added.

At the same time, he also said that over the years he met experienced candidates who wanted to change their field of activity and company, but failed to specify details about the type of job they wanted, focusing only on the fact that they wanted another job, without knowing what kind of job. This does not mean only lack of vision; it also leads to stagnation and career blockage, because in the absence of landmarks there is no progress.


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