Networking Partner at the following event: “Required dialogues: BEYOND IMPOSTURE, INCOMPETENCE AND STUPIDITY BOUNDARIES”

Undoubtedly, "intelligence" or "competence" are concepts familiar to most of us. We find them in debates, speeches, press articles, in business.

However, what is at the opposite end of an imaginary axis of human qualities, stupidity and incompetence, are less discussed aspects of everyday life. It’s a real challenge to define them and move away from them.

Therefore, it is a challenge also for us, BIA HR team, and an honor to support this endeavor, which we consider necessary in the present context. It is a debate that should be a precedent for many others.

One of the principles that we, BIA HR team, have guided our work since the beginning has been to transform the results into valuable things. A value both for the business idea, and society, the entity whose core is the human factor.

About imposture, incompetence and stupidity with one of the leading figures of Romanian society

Who has not read even a single article in which Andrei Pleşu lists and discuss on ideas about values needed for a functional society? Who has not heard him speak even once, at least via TV, about issues on which we should lean more often?

There are probably few who did not.

Bur those who are familiar with his speech may take part in this challenge: a conference with him as special guest and has the aim to condemn the lack of values, on the one hand, and to teach us how to cope with this, on the other hand.

As partners of the event "Required dialogues: BEYOND IMPOSTURE, INCOMPETENCE AND STUPIDITY BOUNDARIES" organized by "Cariere" magazine, we have the opportunity to perpetuate the values we believe in.

We expect you at "BEYOND IMPOSTURE, INCOMPETENCE AND STUPIDITY BOUNDARIES", a debate that has Andrei Pleşu, as special guest, on 4th of June, at 10:00 A.M. at JW Marriott Grand Hotel in Bucharest.

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