Legislative Newsletter January 13, 2014


  • Emergency Ordinance no. 109/2013
  • Law no. 335/2013
  • Law no. 329/2013

Emergency Ordinance no. 109/2013

Emergency Ordinance no. 109 of 11 December 2013, published in Official Gazette Part I no. 796 of 17.12.2013, for supplementing the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 194/2002 regarding the foreigners regime in Romania, makes the following mentions:

                                                                                       “Article 1282 

Facilities at the entrance in Romania for foreigners who are holders of documents issued by Schengen states

(1) Foreigners who hold uniform visas valid for two or multiple entries, long term visa or residence permits, other than those provided by art. 128 paragraph (1), issued by Schengen States may enter Romania withouth a short term visa, for an uniterrupted stay or several stays whose lenght will not exceed 90 days during any period of 180 days preceding each day of stay in Romania, if the documents submitted are valid and the number of entries and duration of stay authorized were not exceeded.
(2) The duration of stay in Romania can not exceed the term established by uniform visas, long term visas and residence permits provided by article (1)

The present Emergency Ordinance enters into force on 1st February 2014.

Law no. 335/2013

Law no. 335 of 10 December 2013, published in Official Gazette Part I no. 776 of 12.12.2013, regarding the internship for graduates of higher education, makes the following mentions:

Comment: The present law regulates, for graduates of higher education, the 6 month period of professional debut, in accordance with the provisions of art. 31 par. (5) of Law no. 53/2003 – Labor Code, except the professions who benefit of special regulations.
In the content of this law the following terms are defined: intern, internship, contract, employer, mentor, evaluation, training period and evaluation committee. Also, the present law contains provisions regarding the internship organization, the intern evaluation procedure, the internship contract, the internship finance as well as the parties rights and obligations.

Regarding the internship finance, this can be done from the following sources:
a) Employer budget;
b) European Social Fund;
c) The unemployment insurance budget;
d) Sponsorship;
e) Other sources, according to the law.

Law no. 329/2013

Law no. 329 of 5 December 2013, published in Official Gazette Part I no. 769 of 10.12.2013, for ratifying the Agreement between Romania and Republic of India for avoidance of double taxation and prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to income taxes, concluded and signed at New Delhi on March 2013.


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