Candidates Who Have Resume Gaps and The Benefits That They Can Bring to Employers

Although recent statistics revealed that companies are experiencing a talent shortage, it’s no secret that they prefer to attract and hire candidates who already have a job, instead of people who have long resume gaps or who face unemployment for a while. Inevitably, when a recruiter or a manager analyzes the profile of a candidate who has not worked for a while, some questions will arise. What could be wrong with this candidate? Was he fired from his previous job? If no one has hired him all this time, why should we hire him now after so long? Could he be lazy? Could he be under-qualified?

In each of these questions, there may be a hint of truth, but we must take into account that, over the last decade, the socio-economic context caused by the global economic crisis has left many people without jobs, for reasons that are not related to them. Also, do not forget that independently from the professional life and career we can all face difficulties that could restrict us to do everything we want. Even so, employers are reluctant to candidates with long gaps in their resumes, thinking that it might be difficult to get used to the working schedule again, that they will have high salary expectations or out to date skills that don’t fit the current needs of the organization.

Talents Hidden Where Least Expected

Moreover, the reluctance of employers to unemployed candidates looking for a job can get to the point where the job ads include the fact that applicants shouldn’t be currently unemployed. Such cases were reported before, especially abroad, and although this practice was declared discriminatory, even when they didn’t advertise it, employers have continued to prefer resumes of those who already have a job, ignoring the fact that they could lose valuable candidates. Even if it is likely that many candidates with resume gaps will not be qualified for a job, some of them may be extremely precious specialists and the company could benefit from it.

Moreover, an advantage that we must take into account is that those who had a break in their professional activity show more enthusiasm when hired again because of the change they are living. Accordingly, these employees may be more loyal and full of gratitude to the organization they get to work for, especially if they faced reluctance from other employers in the past, following the resume gap. Besides, candidates who have nothing to hide will be open about the reasons for leaving the previous job or those that made them unemployed for a longer or shorter period.

More Motivation, More Flexibility

Equally, we must take into account the fact that people who were not employed for an extended period could be older candidates, although this does not always apply. However, if we talk about aged people, we have to appreciate their desire to remain active and to think about the advantages that such an employee would bring to the organization. In general, these people have a long career behind, excellent communication skills, conflict mediation experience, team spirit, wisdom and, not least, life experience, things that we can’t neglect.

Finally, we should mention that hiring such candidates will increase the diversity within the organization; they are often extremely flexible and willing to grow, to learn new things and to be included in training programs. If a candidate has been looking for a job for a while and he faced rejection from employers because of his professional profile gaps, there are chances that he will be more motivated to adapt and quickly integrate to the new job. Let’s not forget that sometimes qualified people get to stay without a job for an extended period, for reasons not related to them, which makes their motivation to work remarkably higher when they get hired again.


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