BIA HR, Partner of the “Required Dialogues” Conference – A Discussion With Andrei Plesu and Gabriel Liiceanu. Where Does the Tolerance Stop and Where Does the Intolerable Start?

Same as last year, BIA HR was the networking partner of this year’s edition of the "Requires Dialogues" event – "Where does the tolerance stop and where does the intolerable start?" organized by Careers magazine. The event was held this week, on 2 June 2016, at the "Crowne Plaza" Hotel, and the two special guests of this year’s edition were Andrei Plesu and Gabriel Liiceanu.

The special guests of the event, Andrei Plesu and Gabriel Liiceanu, initiated a debate about the need for tolerance, its limits, and its harmful forms. They both pointed out that the necessity of tolerance is imposed by the fact that we are not perfect, that "each of us knows a type of truth", and "everyone is sure of his truth."

"Tolerance is not a right but an obligation of the strong one," said Andrei Plesu, while Liiceanu stated that "we live in disagreement because we don’t own a universal truth. Everyone has his truth, his way of perceiving the world and this argument can lead to a conflict that can be avoided by a prior tolerance".

This year’s edition of the conference "Requires Dialogues" gathered together specialists, top managers and middle managers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and intellectuals for a debate during which were discussed topics such as political correctness, positive discrimination, or the power and intolerance from corporations.

The members of BIA HR Team are glad that we were able to be the partners of this year’s event, and hopefully, we will be proud, in the future, of many other initiatives of this kind.



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