About us

BIA Human Resource Management Services was established in 1992, being one of the first human resources companies in Romania. The company started by offering executive search services and developed with the expansion of the Romanian business environment.

Later on, we included in our portfolio services such as recruitment and selection, payroll and personnel management, consultancy in human resource management, immigration assistance, personnel leasing (temporary work), and consultancy for career transition.

BIA HR is one of the pioneers in the professional human resources services in Romania. This is why, for over two decades, we managed to build strong business relationships with HR managers. Thus, for over 25 years, our partners from over 200 companies have since benefited from the knowledge and skills of our specialists and the advantages of the technologies they use in their everyday work.

Since GDPR provisions entered into force, BIA has taken all necessary measures to ensure compliance with the new data protection standards and continues to treat this aspect with increased interest. In this sense we constantly invest in increasing the level of security of the data processing systems and in training our employees. In addition to the legal aspect, this approach involved the implementation of additional technical measures in order to protect the data but also a greater operational efficiency. GDPR compliance has increased the trust and loyalty of our partners and has brought satisfaction to our team.

The confidence with which our partners had commissioned us when they chose to totally or partially outsource the human resources activities, motivates us to always offer high-quality services. The values that guide us – Professionalism, Passion and Partnership – are realities that our partners benefit from with each business agreement.


The experience gained from working with companies of various sizes and from various industries has turned us into experts with a high level of training in our field. We are proud that for over two decades we have been offering solutions that are successful for all types of clients. The testimonials and referrals of our partners stand as proof that we have never disappointed them throughout the years.


We are convinced that every business must be based on a lot of dedication, not just a well-established plan. That is why, our partners benefit from our undivided attention, dedication and time, while having the certainty that they will always get top-quality services.


We rely on trust and effective communication, so we can establish mutually beneficial ties and lay the foundations for each new partnership. Time has shown us that this is a recipe that brings long-lasting deals and successful collaborations.