A stable team, a reliable partnership indicator

Finding reliable employees is a challenge for any company. In the context of a labor market that offers many opportunities, it is a challenge to motivate good employees to remain in the company.

A stable team means not only a high satisfaction level for employees, but also a higher level of productivity than in companies where there are always new people coming in, people who must adapt and learn processes, while others are leaving and letting projects unfinished. The team stability is directly reflected by the quality of services offered by the company.

Long-term experience, solid knowledge

A team that has experience in the company is accustomed to the organizational culture, the work processes and the type of services offered to third parties. People working for years in a company have the opportunity to learn, to witness the changes imposed by management and to understand better what works and what does not in the area where it operates.

These things require a solid database and access to a range of information that bring higher productivity and an extremely low possibility of making mistakes.

People you can always rely on

Every time a new member joins the team, he needs some training to learn how the company processes work so that he won’t be overwhelmed by the difficulty of the new tasks or by workload. In moments like these, older employees who have already gone through this stage, their support is extremely valuable for a successful integration of a newcomer.

Besides, we can’t talk about performance rates when we talk about a new employee during the adjustment period. In such cases, employees with seniority will compensate with their work and will balance the production level of the whole team.

Stability, the key to a high degree of motivation

The fact of working for years in the same company motivates many people who want workplace stability. Not everyone wants to change the job every year, and for some the need of changing workplace can be stressful. For some employees, it can be unpleasant to see that always people are coming and going from the company or that they always have new colleagues.

Frequently, employees who see that they are constantly changing colleagues get to wonder if they will be next. Equally, if the team is stable, and people do not want to leave and they are not fired, all its members will have a high comfort at the psychological level and will be motivated to work better.

Maintaining existing employees means efficiency

The turnover of every company is also influenced by the number of departures or new hires that involves some costs for recruiting the newcomers or compensation for those who have left the company. By keeping employees in a company, these additional costs disappear.

Therefore, maintaining older workers should be a priority for employers who’d better motivate them to remain in the company. Providing better insurance packages, promoting internal employees instead of external recruiting, a treatment characterized by respect and altruism, and an open relationship in terms of internal communication are just some of the methods that guarantee employee loyalty.


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