A New Partner We Are Proud Of – BIA HR Takes Over the Payroll & Revisal Services Of the Comic Opera for Children

Each partnership means a vote of confidence that customers give to companies to which they entrust their services. BIA HR team enjoys every moment when an organization chooses to leave a piece of its work in the care of our specialists.

The new partnership that we have the honor to announce today is the one with the Comic Opera for Children, an institution that began performing in 1998, inside which thousands of children, young talented and art passionates step into every month. BIA HR took over the payroll and Revisal services of the Comic Opera for Children, a decision that honors us and strengthens our belief that the principles from which we do not depart make our partnerships successful.

Thus, the list of over 200 companies from various areas of activity that have been or are still with us, helping us to make performance and provide highest quality services, enriched with another distinguished name, this time one related to arts and culture. Professionalism, passion, and partnership, guiding our work for more than two decades, are values ​​that we do not deviate from, and that help us offer the best to those with whom we work. 

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