A new honorable partner for BIA HR – The National Chamber Choir Madrigal – Marin Constantin

Every customer is important to us, and with every new partnership that we make we are happy to share the news.

The same happens now when we are very pleased to announce the takeover by BIA HR, starting with June, of the payroll and transmission to Revisal services from a new notable partner. We are talking about The National Chamber Choir Madrigal – Marin Constantin, one of the most popular choral ensembles from Romania on the world music scene.

We are happy that we have the opportunity to offer our services to the National Chamber Choir Madrigal – Marin Constantin, the more so as, in half a century of artistic activity, the choir has established itself as a true country brand, representing many times Romania’s image in the world. Since its founding in 1963, Madrigal members were selected exclusively from students studying at the Bucharest Conservatory.

In just five years since its founding by conductor Marin Constantin, the choir received the UNICEF Medal, and after that, three years later, The Madrigal received the German music critics award. These awards were followed by other prestigious ones, among which it’s worth remembering that, in 1992, the Madrigal Choir was named "Best UNESCO World Cultural Heritage" and the founder, Marin Constantin, received the title of "Ambassadeur de Bonne Volonte de l’UNESCO", from the UNESCO president at that time, Federico Mayor.

Therefore, we added another honorable partner on the list of over 200 companies from various industries, organizations to which we have been or we are still close to, giving them the valuable benefits that guide the BIA HR team for more than two decades: professionalism, passion, and partnership.


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