Types of Interviews that You Can Conduct as an Employer

The primary objective of organizing job interviews is to find out whether or not a candidate is suitable for an opened position. Thus, through interviews the employer and the candidate get to know each other and to find out if they have things in common or if the experience of the latter is relevant for the opened position or if there is a match between the organizational culture and what the interviewer wants from a new job. So, regardless of the job contest, every employer should organize such a meeting to get to know the candidates.

Generally speaking, most interviews come with a series of standard questions, which every candidate is expected to hear. We are talking about questions regarding the applicant’s motivation to work in the company, the experience he gained until the interview or about why he wants to change his job. To these, we can add questions about the weaknesses and strengths of the candidate or the request to describe some difficult situations that he had to manage at previous jobs.

Telephone interview and video conference

However, we should know how to differentiate between different types of interviews that we can organize and to understand how to choose the right one, depending on the position and skills that we are looking for. In the first instance, we have the phone interview, which is the most common method used by employers and recruiters and which is often used for an initial screening. When a candidate with an interesting profile is identified, whether he applied for a position or he was found through the recruitment team searches, the most practical and easiest way is to conduct the first interview by phone.

And since we started talking about methods that do not involve a direct interaction, as in face to face, we must recall the fact that the development of new technologies enables an organization to hold video conferences. Thus, if you wish to expand recruitment also in other countries, you can schedule interviews via Skype, or you can use other video conferencing software. Also, this type of interview is a handy solution that managers or organizations who, for one reason or another, want to save time and speed up the recruitment process.

The group interview or an invitation to a meal

Another type of interview that some companies conduct when time is limited is the group interview. In this case, it is recommended to have at interview a person from the recruitment department, the team leader of the prospective employee, and a member of the management team. Another purpose of group interviews is to see how the candidate reacts when you have to maintain a conversation with more than one person. Usually, group interviews are organized for positions that involve interaction with the public, in order to find out if the interviewee can defeat his emotions in situations when he has to speak to a group of individuals.

Another type of interview which can test the social skills of the candidates is the interview held during a meal at a restaurant. Whether it’s lunch or dinner at such an interview, you can have three persons from the employing company attending, who can invite the candidate to go out together. Thus, the candidate can speak about the experience that recommends him for the position in a more relaxed atmosphere, and the representatives of the organization have the chance to learn more about the interviewee, and about how he behaves in society, which is extremely important for jobs involving such interactions.

In conclusion, the type of interview depends on what recruiters need to know about candidates, the skills required for the opened job, and on the time and resources of the employer. Ultimately, the purpose of the interviews is to find the most qualified candidate to fill the position for which you are recruiting.