Legislative Newsletter July 22, 2013

  • Order no. 608/2013
  • Law. 202/2002 – republished
  • Emergency Ordinance no. 55/2013
  • Law. 175/2013
Order no. 608/2013

Order no. 608 of 29 May 2013, published in Official Gazette Part I, no. 323 of 04.06.2013, amending and supplementing Annex no. 6 at NAFA’s President Order no. 1950/2012, makes the following mentions:

 Comment: The present order amends the instructions for filling the Form 100 “Statement regarding payment obligations to the state budget”.
Law no. 202/2002

Law no. 202 of 2002 regarding equal opportunities between women and men has been republished under Article II of the Emergency Ordinance No 83/2012 in the Official Gazette Part I, no. 326 of 05.06.2013, giving the texts a new numbering.

Emergency Ordinance no. 55/2013

Emergency Ordinance no. 55 of 4 June 2013, published in Official Gazette Part I, no. 331 of 06.06.2013, concerning some tax measures – budgetary and amending certain regulatory documents, makes the following mentions:


Comment: Emergency Ordinance no. 55/2013 amends the Emergency Ordinance no. 93/2012 regarding the establishment, organization and functioning of the CSA (The Insurance Supervisory Commission). Also, according to art. II of the present emergency ordinance “Through waiver from the art. 43 provisions of Law no. 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal Code, the income tax rate is 85% for revenues representing wages/allowances/compensations granted under the law, when the employment contract, service report or warrant is ended, to the employees with managerial positions or persons who are appointed as members of Board of Directors and management councils.”


We mention that the bill regarding the approval of the Emergency Ordinance no. 55/2013 provides clarifications on taxiing the incomes mentioned above. Conducting legislative procedures concerning the bill for approving this emergency ordinance, the documents associated with the project as well as its progress, can be tracked on the website of Senate http://www.senat.ro/legis/lista.aspx

Law no. 175/2013

Law no. 175 of 6 June 2013, published in Official Gazette Part I, no. 343 of 11.06.2013, amending and supplementing Law no. 248/2005 regarding the free movement of Romanian citizens abroad, makes ​​the following mentions:

Comment: The main changes relate to:

–         types of travel documents on which Romanian citizens can travel abroad. These are:

a)     diplomatic passport;
b)    service passport;
c)     electronic diplomatic passport;
d)    electronic service passport;
e)     simple passport;
f)     simple electronic passport;
g)    title of travelling.

–         ways of releasing the travel documents

–         releasing the travel documents for minors


The present law comes into force on August 10, 2013 and the norms will be developed within 30 days of the effective date of the law.  

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