How should a great resume look like

Through the hands of employers and recruiters pass dozens, even hundreds of resumes daily, but only some of them are selected for a first interview. Usually, this happens because the experience of the candidates does not correspond to the requirements of the open position.

There are also cases when potential candidates fail the resume preliminary test because of the way in which it is drawn up. As follows, we will point out a few things that should appear or not a resume that will positively attract the attention of companies and that ensure the candidates the way to a job interview.

Personal details

First, the candidate’s full name should be placed in a visible area of the CV, more precisely in its opening. Also, the contact details should be located in a more accessible place, so the recruiter can identify them easily without having to search for them throughout the document. Last, but not least, they must be properly typewritten.

Very important and preferable regarding the email is to have a formal one and to contain, as far as possible, the candidate’s name. A photo would not be bad, but it should show the candidate in a formal stance.

Clarity and concision

A successful CV should not have more than two or three pages when the candidate experience is extremely vast. A dense CV, repetitive or one which is full of irrelevant details is often avoided by recruiters, who prefer to discover in a candidate application the skills and experience that make him suitable for a particular job.

Therefore, the best CVs are those which list previously occupied positions, responsibilities and accomplishments at their previous jobs and any certifications acquired through professional experience.


This section of your resume should include all schools attended, the year of graduation of each of them, and specializations. Of course, excesses are not adequate, and here the candidate should not include kindergarten or primary school, but it is good to mention computer courses or foreign language courses made outside of school.

Regarding the latter, a CV should also contain the language level of the candidate. The level could be assessed in advance so that the information mentioned in the curriculum vitae will have greater accuracy.

In a correctly composed resume, all these details will be added in a reverse chronological order, starting with the last job and ending with the first relevant school that was graduated.

Last, but not least, candidates who aim to gain a new job must include their professional objective. They should bear in mind that recruiters won’t fall on their back if they see exaggerated and unrealistic targets, but some clear and achievable ones.

Maybe the things that we had mentioned about the successful application for a job seem to be short or few. But we decided, since the beginning of this article, that they should be exposed in the same way that they should appear in a candidate’s resume: clear and to the point.


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