Employees’ Lack of Motivation: What Causes It and How to Stop This Phenomenon

Every employer should be concerned about the well-being and the motivation of the employees. A team of people has a maximum efficiency only when its members are committed and willing to give their best. However, this commitment is born when employees are granted some benefits, privileges that motivate them to raise their work at the highest level. Otherwise, when the employer does not understand the importance of these benefits, the opposite happens – the employees become demotivated, and they will no longer work so much and productivity will decrease.

Because in many of our articles we have mentioned about things that make employees feel satisfied at work, we thought it would be useful to do a summary of the issues that demotivate them. They are caused most often by management strategies less people-oriented, lack of experience regarding working with staff, and leaders that focus on other things rather than their team members. So, sometimes without even realizing it, leaders or managers with experience in managing a business put an important asset on second place: human resource.

The Lack of Vision and Uncertainty

Money is not always the most important aspect when it comes to motivating employees. Most of the times, people want to have a clear vision regarding the opportunities for a career development and their growth within the organization. In the absence of such a vision, employees find it difficult to establish their long-term goals and to work to reach the targets. This is where another aspect which demotivates the employees arises, namely job insecurity. When they do not know where their careers are heading to, they can ask themselves to what extent can they hope to remain in the organization for an extended period.

Training sessions and knowledge development programs are things that increase the motivation level and commitment inside the company. Employees will appreciate learning opportunities and will see this as an initiative of the organization to give him the chance to grow inside it and to improve. On the contrary, stagnation, lack of progress, performing the same tasks as always, not the giving him the chance to take over new responsibilities are aspects that can make an employee believe that there is no room or opportunity for him to grow within that organization.

Underestimation and Poor Leadership

Any employee who strives to be productive, who is always working to be above average, expects to be appreciated. When merits are not recognized and appreciated despite his struggle, he will begin to lose his enthusiasm and his energy. Therefore, there must be a rewards program for good performance, even if it’s done only by recognizing the merits. Even if the organization can not afford to pay consistent performance bonuses, reliable employees deserve to be rewarded, at the very least, with kind words or with sending public statements to show appreciation and congratulations.

Staff motivation comes from the attitude of the people that surround them at the workplace. Thus, poor leadership, with a negative attitude, which is less people-oriented, will cause team members to feel demoralized. Equally, conflicts, the lack of open communication and the absence of productive discussions are always things that will make the employees wonder whether it’s worth or not to express their opinions. It’s recommended to encourage feedback and equally, to constantly keep employees up to date with things happening within the organization so that they will feel included.

So, do not forget that one of the most valuable resources that an organization has is represented by people and that every time they are not motivated enough, the whole business may suffer.


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