Between dreams, reality and “must”

Isn’t it a little odd that when we are children we rush to “turn the pages of life” in high speed and when we get where we wanted, we wish to be children again.

I asked a child what he wants to be when he grows up. He said he wants to be “like dad” – to go to work and wear a tie. And he said that in a break from playing, giving up the machines and robots only for a moment.

I wonder: wouldn’t the father want a break from the tie, numbers and to pick up his shorts and bike?

What the child doesn’t know is that dad has to go to work so he can buy cars, robots and food to provide a living for those who depend on him. As the child should be good, brush his teethes and go to sleep when the mother says. Although maybe they would like to play more, like dad.

It’s a word which says that the difference between children and adults is the size or price of toys.

Regardless of age, we all are somehow the same, only on a different scale. We grow and we evolve – if we are guided well. We have hopes and passions, we grow spiritually – responsibilities grow too. Must changes somehow its meaning.

Juggling between duty, responsibility and freedom to troubleshoot dreams, we develop frustrations. Sometimes we find the resources to survive them and the strength to start over, other times we give up.

Life is a journey with dreams, hopes and duty that you MUST fulfill as beautifully as you can! Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad that as you step on the road to remember where you started and to keep in your heart a “wheel” from the old machine.

Florentina Negreanu
Human Resources Specialist


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