A good leader’s success – How to build and maintain a united team

Competition is one of the factors that influences business in a crucial way. There are fields where the customer is the one who has the final say because his options are extremely varied, and the possibility to choose somebody else anytime is very high.

In these circumstances, it is a challenge to raise and maintain united teams in an organization, which brings stability and efficiency for the business. A good management of teams and building a good relationship with the employees are things that bring greater focus on the common goal of the entire business, namely success.

Confidence and unity

So, one of the main goals of leaders should be building and maintaining a united team. To effectively lead a team, it is important to establish a relationship based on trust and loyalty with each of its members and in no circumstances one of superiority, based on fear.

Each idea coming from a member of the team can be valuable, even if it’s not always the most inspired one. Therefore, a good leader must try to listen to its employees and not disregard from the start their proposals and their ideas before hearing what they have to say.

Any employee, like any human being, has unspoken thoughts and feelings, some people are more sensitive and less communicative while others are more open and always say everything they have in mind. A good team leader should give a personal example by being open with its employees and speaking about his thoughts so that he will get the same attitude from the team members.

Communication and the prioritization of objectives

At the same time, what a team leader should do is to communicate his messages clearly, so that will be no room for misunderstanding among employees. A misunderstood message can lead to controversy and conflict, and this requires time-consuming debates and tension within the team.

Equally, communication must be encouraged within the team, which shouldn’t mean organizing meeting after meeting, but facilitating alternative means for employees to voice their suggestions and proposals, such as electronic communication or internal polls.

Last but not least, a good leader must set priorities and team goals, but also, to evaluate those from his team correctly. Employees need to know exactly which are the standards of performance of the team, of the organization to which they belong and understand which are the steps to be followed to achieve performance.

Therefore, building a united team is based on several key elements, including effective communication from leader to his team members, encouraging feedback from them and a good prioritization of objectives.


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