8 Creative Ways to Recruit in a Market Dominated by Candidates

The tight number of candidates available for jobs makes employers become more competitive in attracting specialists. If until some time ago the general attitude was “be satisfied for having a job”, the relationship between the employee and the employer has changed its polarity.

When companies compete in attracting the best people, recruiters need to become more creative in capturing the attention of the candidates they hope to hire.

It’s not enough to post a job on a profile site. The best solution is to put yourself in the place of the potential candidates and think about how you want to be approached.

Read below the 8 creative ways to recruit valuable people:

  • Promote the story of your own brand and organizational culture
The best way to attract talents into such an economic climate is to differentiate yourself from other potential employers and share the story of the organization. The recruitment becomes a marketing approach through multiple channels, so you make sure you attract those people who fit into your organizational culture.
  • Reach candidates when they are most dissatisfied with the current job
Whether you’re using advertising boards in the city, visible to those in traffic to and from work, or addressing candidates on platforms / online groups where information is exchanged about different employers, it is important to get to those unhappy and / or undecided.
  • Take advantage of video content
Video content dominates the internet today. A video where the recruiter presents the company, the team, talks about values and goals, interacts with various members, can be an ingenious way to attract candidates. Of course, this video will be promoted on YouTube, social media, but also offline (in malls, subway etc.).
  • Be flexible and become friends with freelancers
The freelance market is getting bigger. Find more collaborators on different projects rather than actual employees. Become flexible in terms of program, pay, and physical work place, especially if the specifics of the job where you need people allows this.
  • Consult other internal experts
The experience of a candidate is not necessarily different from a client. That’s why, as a recruiter, you can consult colleagues in marketing and sales to see what tools they use to attract customers.
  • Be authentic
To be successful in selling a product, in your specific case, a job, you need to believe in it. Be honest with you and with your potential candidates, seek and try to respond to their fears and arguments with whom they would reject a position in the company.
  • Stay in the radar of the specialists you need
Where do your potential candidates spend their time? What groups are watching online? What are their areas of interests? Make sure you are present where the specialists are looking.
  • Keep relationships
Eventually, recruitment returns to its roots based on relationships. The last years have been transactional, but the future involves automation of the administrative parts so that the recruiters can focus on creating relationships. The future of finding talents uses data and technology to create more human experiences.

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