On Sanziene, BIA HR will dress the romanian tradional blouse – ie

On Sanziene, BIA HR will dress the romanian tradional blouse – ie

On "Sanziene", June 24, 2015, BIA HR team celebrates the Universal Day of the Romanian blouse, called "ie". Because the legend says that "Sanzienele" wore them, we thought we should mark this celebration by wearing traditional Romanian blouses and accessories such as traditional hats or belts.

According to tradition, "Sanzienele" are beautiful young women who live in forests or plains. They have magical powers and the night before June 24th, when we celebrate the birth of St. John the Baptist, they come among people to share wealth and happiness.

According to tradition, "Sanzienele" make lands fructify, give cure through medicinal herbs, bring plentifulness to the household, love and fertility in young families. They also help young, unmarried girls to identify their destined ones. Therefore, girls throw garlands of flowers over the house, and if they remain on the roof that means they will marry very soon. Subsequently, "Sanzienele" will predict their destined ones to girls who will sleep with these flowers under the pillow.

Since 2013, June 24th became the Universal Day of the Romanian blouse – "ia", an initiative of the Romanian traditions lovers. Thus, after decades when the national elements were less visible in everyday outfits, they reappeared as an element of pride, meant to promote keeping traditions.

Therefore, BIA HR team thought we should mark this event by wearing the Roumanian blouses, belts and traditional hats, on June 24, a day full of significance for the Romanian people.


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