How to integrate new employees – The questions that we should ask

Finding new employees is not always an easy process, especially if we are talking about fields where the demand for specialists is high and the workforce is little, or whether we are referring to positions with greater responsibility. It all begins with the selection of resumes and continues with interviews, selecting the most suitable candidate to occupy that position, and then he should start working on the new job.

And precisely because this process is sometimes quite difficult, and it consumes time and resources, employers should be aware that they should make efforts for the retention of newcomers in the company from the beginning. To avoid losing new employees and the endless retake of this process is necessary to communicate with them from the beginning, to identify and eliminate from the start any possible dissatisfaction that might cause their leave.

There are many questions that any manager or team leader should they ask a new employee to make his accommodation easier on the new job. Besides that, the answers that each person will give to these questions will help employers to constantly improve the integration of future new employees.

How is the company comparing to your expectations and how do you feel the things here? Is the team what you wanted from a new job?

If the answers to this set of questions are negative, the employer should ask himself a range of questions about the recruitment process. If a new employee says the job is not what he believed, that means they’ve created him unrealistic expectations during the recruitment process and that, most likely, his employer might not presented him a relevant job description in advance.

Are there things about the company or team that are still unclear for you? Is there something you do not understand about the position for which you were hired?

The role of this question is to make the employee feel that he is part of the company, that he is already an important element of the team and that the employer wants to ease his path to success and performance. If there are many cases where employees are facing new questions, it might be better to do from the beginning an introduction, a presentation of the company to bring them relevant information.

What are the points that you feel you need to improve? Which are the things that the organization or your manager/team leader cand do to help you perform better?

These questions should not be asked unless you wish, and you can take measures in this regard. Otherwise, the new employee will expect concrete actions and he might be disappointed if they don’t come. Also, the answers to these questions can be used to improve the training program for future employees.

Beyond all this, we must understand that the first months at a new job can be stressful for many employees. Therefore, it would be good if the employer could ease the transition for newcomers, to help them accommodate, to be aware of their specific needs and the problems successively reported by the new employees and to try to minimize them.


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